Casino Royale
Casino Royale poster
Poster (by W. Scott Pattullo)
Author Various authors
Release date October 22, 2007
Media type Text-based roleplay
Series Star Wars...007 Style
In-universe year 39 BBY
Preceded by Arrowhead
Followed by Perils of Hoth

Casino Royale is Star Wars fanfiction written by various authors. It is a story in the Star Wars...007 Style series. It was a text-based on-line roleplaying game in's Roleplaying Forum. W. Scott Pattullo did not participate in the game even though it was based in his series. The game ran from October 22, 2007 through October 27, 2009.

Unfortunately, the players lost interest in the game before it was finished. As a result, the game was closed down before reaching the end.


Strong currents in the underworld have taken an interest in the Empress of the Stars, a flagship of the Starlight Cruise Line. MI5 agents board the vessel inconspicuously and are instructed to protect it and it's passengers from any threat that may arise.

The StoryEdit

Casino Royale was played in's Roleplaying Forum, but an article for it exists on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. For more details regarding the story, see the main article over on that wiki: Casino Royale


After heading 4 consecutive roleplaying games, Scott decided to take a much needed break. So he allowed user "LightWarden" to create the fifth game, Casino Royale. The number of posts in the game was 1043.


The in-universe events of Casino Royale take place in 39 BBY, 7 years before the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.