DeviantArt's 16th Birthday
Artist W. Scott Pattullo (color)
betteo (template)
Date August 2016

DeviantArt's 16th Birthday is a piece for a project on DeviantART in which W. Scott Pattullo participated in 2016.


For the art-sharing website DeviantArt's 16th birthday, there was a celebration in which artists colored a provided template to showcase. So Scott participated. The template was created by DeviantArt user betteo.

Scott finished coloring the template on August 5, 2016 and uploaded it to his DeviantArt page on August 6. The website's actual "birthday" was on August 7.

Subject and titleEdit

Scott couldn't think of a clever title, so he went with something simple: "DeviantArt's 16th Birthday".


It's unclear what medium was used to create the template itself, but Scott used a digital method to color it in Paint Shop Pro.

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