Note: This article is about a subject W. Scott Pattullo didn't create and has no affiliation with.

Gargoyles logo
Gargoyles logo
Created 1994 (series premiere)
Creator(s) Greg Weisman

Gargoyles is an animated series, and later a comic book series, created by Greg Weisman that premiered on October 24, 1994. It focused on a family of nocturnal creatures that awaken in the present day after having been magically turned to stone for 1000 years.

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W. Scott Pattullo is in no way associated with Gargoyles. It is a Disney-owned property. But Gargoyles is Scott's favorite cartoon series and plays a major role in influencing his work, so an article for it exists here on this wiki.

Scott's workEdit

Listed below is Scott's work on this wiki having to do with Gargoyles.

(also visit: Category:Disney fan art)

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