Here We Are, Juggernaut
Story title card
Author W. Scott Pattullo
Publisher Star Wars Fanon Wiki
Release date May 22, 2013
Media type Canon-friendly fanfiction
Series MI5 Chronicles
In-universe year 44 BBY
Preceded by Escape from the Dragon's Jaws
Followed by From Ryloth With Love

Here We Are, Juggernaut is Star Wars fanfiction written by W. Scott Pattullo. It is a story in his MI5 Chronicles series and was published to the Star Wars Fanon Wiki May 22, 2013. It is a canon-friendly story, which means it doesn't alter the events of the established Star Wars universe from the films.


Shasta Moonreaper and Valeria Kennt work together on a mission. Later, Shasta decides to give her unborn baby up for adoption.

The StoryEdit

Here We Are, Juggernaut is posted on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. For more details regarding the fanfic, see the main article over on that wiki: Here We Are, Juggernaut


Scott wrote this short story to detail the decision Shasta made to give her baby to Valeria.

The story's title comes from the song Here We Are Juggernaut by Coheed and Cambria.


The in-universe events of Here We Are, Juggernaut take place in 44 BBY, 12 years before the events of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.