Jace Bont
Appears in Star Wars...007 Style series
First appearance Muunraker
Gender Male
Species Zeltron
Year created 2013

Jace Bont is a fictional character created by W. Scott Pattullo that appears in his Star Wars fanfiction series Star Wars...007 Style. He is a male Zeltron, formerly a Commander for the Corellian Security Force, working for MI5. His methods in the field are reckless, and he's a womanizer.

Short BiographyEdit

During his days in CorSec, Bont stopped a murder from occurring on Corellia in 41 BBY.

A few years later he joined MI5, and his first mission was a success. He, along with his fellow operatives, was able to defeat Jordo Drax and thwart his plans to destroy the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Soon after, he killed the criminal and mass murderer Haas Buck on Coruscant. The following year, he was involved with the investigation of the murders surrounding the sport of limmie. Three years after that, he was involved in recapturing prison escapees.

Behind the scenesEdit

Scott created Jace Bont to be a Star Wars version of James Bond.


Star Wars Fanon WikiEdit

The Star Wars...007 Style fanfiction series is posted much more in-depth on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. For more details regarding Jace Bont, see the main article over on that wiki: Jace Bont

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