The MI5 Chronicles is a series of Star Wars fanfiction stories written by W. Scott Pattullo.


The series of short stories are written to expand on the backstories and other minor story elements within the main series of Scott's Star Wars...007 Style fanfiction series.

It is a canon-friendly fanfiction series, which means it follows the actual events in the Star Wars universe and doesn't alter them.


The main series began as text-based role-playing games in's Role-Playing Forum. The games ran from February 22, 2005 to December 31, 2011, with a brief hiatus in 2010.

Scott began writing the fanfiction himself to continue the series in 2012 and posted it on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. He began with the first MI5 Chronicles story Escape from the Dragon's Jaws.

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For more information, plus a complete list of the short stories, visit Star Wars...007 Style.

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