Marty visits 2015
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date July 2015
Media Ink on paper, digital work

Marty visits 2015 is Back to the Future fan art by W. Scott Pattullo in 2015.


Scott completed the piece on July 2, 2015 and uploaded it to his DeviantART page the same day.

The 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future films was approaching and Scott wanted to do something to celebrate it. He originally wanted to animate a short film, but that idea soon grew into a much larger animation project. It quickly became too epic to animate himself, so he just went with a much simpler drawing instead.

Subject and titleEdit

Since there was a joke in the second movie when Marty visited 2015 about using hands-free video games, Scott wanted to build on that, since there actually were hands-free games in the real-world 2015 (Xbox Kinect).


Scott started out with a pencil sketch, then inked the final line work. He then scanned the drawings and added some digital work in Paint Shop Pro.

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