Shooting Down Enemy Aircraft
Artist W. Scott Pattullo
Date June 2014
Media Photo manipulation

Shooting Down Enemy Aircraft is a digital photo manipulation by W. Scott Pattullo in 2014.


Scott completed the piece on June 19, 2014 and uploaded it to his DeviantART page that same day. While at the 2014 Wings of Freedom Tour (where old World War II aircraft were put on display), Scott's father Will Pattullo snapped a picture of him holding the machine gun in the plane. Scott then took that photo, found a couple images online of a muzzle flash and shells, then digitally put them together.

Subject and titleEdit

The subject is Scott firing guns from a World War II aircraft. His original working title was Eat Lead, You Nazi Bastards! But he decided to change it at the last minute.


The piece is a photo manipulation, merging two or more images together using an image-editing program (Paint Shop Pro).

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