W Scott
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Created September 10, 2007
Type of site Official website
Status Active

W Scott is W. Scott Pattullo's official website. He created it in 2007.


W Scott is the main website where Scott showcases his work. He has uploaded images of his best artwork and animation. His current demo reel is also included.


In 2007, while Scott was attending the Academy of Art University, one of his animation classes required him to have his own domain name on the internet, which would show his final finished animation for that particular semester. So he registered the "" domain. It redirected to his free account at the now-defunct, an animation social networking community.

Website title

The site's first "title" image

Later that year, Scott purchased his own web hosting space online and registered the "" domain name with it.

He uploaded his work to the site for the next few years, and in January 2013 he completely revamped and updated the site for a simpler, more professional look.

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There are two domain names that are registered that both redirect to the same website.

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